Sporting io 5 v 5 Specific Rules

Futsal balls and futsal goals are used

Games start on time: forfeits given after 10 minutes of game time.

Strict NO FIGHTING policy: Anyone that starts or participates in a fight may be banned for life from Sporting io.

Frequent verbal abuse or frequent dangerous play that puts players at risk will not be tolerated and players may will be suspended and may be expelled from Sporting io.

No sliding is allowed when it creates a dangerous situation for any player (NO SLIDE TACKLING). Direct free kick will be given for not complying with this rule.

Home teams wear dark colors, away teams wear light colors. All teammates must wear same color.

All players must wear shin guards.

Teams must have 3 players to start a game.

We use the official rules of indoor soccer with the following specific rules:

Striped Field size: 55 x 94

Hand Ball Rule: only deliberate hand balls will be called.

Unlimited substitutions are allowed on the fly (with the exception of goalie subs). Must wait at midfield and waint until the departing player is off the field. Must ask referee permission for goalkeeper substitutions, and may only do so on a dead ball and with referee approval.

Coed Games: Must have one female on the field at all times.

If the ball touches the ceiling or anything above the field, a throw-in will be awarded to the opposing team at the side of where it touched.

If a ball is shot prior to the buzzer going off and crosses the goal line after the buzzer, a goal will be awarded.

At the end of games, if stalling tactics are used by a team, it is the refereeā€™s judgement whether to add extra time to the game.

If a direct free kick or a penalty kick is awarded or needs to be retaken before the buzzer goes off, that kick will still be taken.

Goalie restarts are a throw by the goalie rather than a goal kick.

Sideline restarts are a kick-in on the line rather than a throw-in.

Corner kicks are placed directly on the corner. The opposing team must be 5 yards away on all free kicks and restarts including sideline kicks.

Goalies cannot score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing teams goal unless it touches any player on the field.