Covid-19 Policies

We are committed to keeping our staff and our customers safe.

Our Plan

We are taking several precautions and have implemented the following actions:

Rules before entering our facility:

  1. Do not enter the facility more than 10 minutes before your start time.
  2. Masks are suggested for those that are at high risk or unvaccinated.
  3. Individuals that are considered high risk are encouraged to stay home or not enter our facility.
  4. If you are sick or have symptoms, stay home and do not enter the facility.
  5. We ask that spectators do not gather in large groups before, during, or after events.
  6. Parents that do stay for children are encouraged to maintain an appropriate physical distance from others.

Facility will:

  1. Wipe down high touch areas often
  2. Maintain sanitizer levels for daily use
  3. Maintain calendar/schedule of teams and team rosters for contract tracing purposes.

Rules for players on the field

  1. No chewing gum
  2. No sharing of water bottles
  3. No drinking directly from drinking fountain, use cups or fill up you personal water bottles.
  4. Maintain appropriate physical distance as much as possible and do not gather into large groups.